Friday, January 19, 2018

Tips for Preparing a Convertible Car for Sale

No one ever wants to sell his or her convertible – unless it’s to buy another convertible! You can’t put a price on the joy and freedom felt when cruising with the top down and wind in your hair. However, in the event you do have to put a price on your precious convertible, we’ve put together a few tips to ensure you get the amount you deserve.

Floor Mats

As soon as you possibly can, buy thick rubber floor mats for the front and back seats of your convertible. These will keep the factory floor mats perfectly preserved and make the interior look like new when presented to a potential buyer. The aftermarket rubber floor mats will also preserve the surrounding carpeting against spills, dirt, and debris. This extremely affordable step is the easiest way to keep your interior clean through all seasons and environments.  


Most car buyers will know how to do a proper assessment of your convertible’s condition, or bring someone with them who can. At the very least, you should have your convertible’s fluids changed before attempting a sale. Changing spark plugs, oil and air filters, belts, and performing other routine maintenance can go a long way towards satisfying even the most perceptive buyers.  

Fix Anything that’s Broken

If you have a broken tail light or headlight, door handle, or any other part, find and install a replacement. Most any salvage yard will have the parts you need at an affordable price. The time, money, and effort put into replacing a cracked headlamp can justify an increased asking price and give you the confidence to stick to it.

Clean it Up

A clean convertible is a sold convertible. Give your car a good bath and vacuum before putting it up for sale, and add a coat of wax to give it that extra shine. The interior should be given the same level of care as the outside including cleaning the dashboard and all windows inside and out. Many sellers overlook the importance of cleaning under the hood of the car, as well. With the battery and other electronic components properly covered, use a degreaser or approved solvent and water to remove all oil and debris. This will make everything under the hood look like new and give buyers no reason to complain. This applies to the trunk of the car, as well. The trunk should be vacuumed and orderly for potential buyers to view. The car should also have air fresheners to provide a pleasant aroma that puts buyers at ease.

Vehicle History

If possible, have all maintenance records available for review. If you have a particular mechanic you have used over the years, they may be able to help you access and print out your convertible’s maintenance history. If you are not the original buyer, keep the original owner’s contact information stored some place convenient in the event a buyer may have a question you are unable to answer. You may need to invite the original buyer to your next barbecue as a thank you, but it could mean the difference between a sale and another week of running a tiny used car lot out of your home.

These are just some of our favorite tips for preparing your convertible for sale. Taking these steps will give you the edge you need to keep reluctant buyers from walking away and ensure you get the price you want and need – so you can buy a new convertible! What are your best tips for preparing a convertible for sale? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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