Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tips for Keeping Your Convertible Cool this Summer

Like all cars, convertibles can get pretty hot during the summer months. Whether you’re driving a hard or soft top convertible, you can’t always leave the top or windows down. Heat can damage your car just like cold weather and, over time, can cause parts to age and deteriorate prematurely. So, we’ve pulled together a few tips for keeping your car cool during the hot summer months.

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows not only make your car look sleeker while providing increased privacy, tinted windows will also keep your car cooler than non-tinted windows. Tinted windows block the sun’s rays that generate heat while letting some of the rays that generate light pass through. Depending on the type of tint you choose, the tint can provide up to 80% solar heat rejection for your car. Your local installer will have information regarding the solar heat rejection rates of various window tints and should be able to explain the different types.

Covered Parking

Whether in a garage or in the shade, covered parking provides an excellent means of reducing heat transferred to your car. Covered parking also allows you to park with the windows slightly cracked without any concern of passing rain showers. Pay close attention to where shaded parking spots are when you’re leaving work and other places you frequently visit rather than focusing on finding a shaded space when you arrive.

Sun Shades

Placing a sun shade in the front and back windows of your car can greatly reduce the internal temperature. Not only will this reduce the ambient temperature in your car, it will also vastly reduce the temperature of the metal seatbelts, steering wheel, and other interior parts known for reaching blazingly hot temperatures during the summer months. Sun shades are extremely affordable and can fold up to easily fit in your glove box or center console.

Car Window Fans

There are plenty of battery and solar-powered fans for car windows that are extremely effective. From small, compact window fans to units that cover the entire car window, these units can be extremely affordable and useful during the summer. Most car window fans fit along the top of the window and are secured as the window is rolled up. There are units that pull out odors and hot air while providing cool, fresh air in its place and portable, compact units that can fit virtually any vehicle.

Remote Start

A great way to quickly cool off your car is to install a remote start feature. Using this feature while leaving the A/C on full force will help immediately start cooling down your car with the push of a button. The air conditioning in most cars takes a few seconds to start blowing cold, so that time can be spent walking to your car and preparing for departure. Once you are ready to drive, the A/C is blowing cold and the car’s temperature will already be on the decline.

Using a combination of these tips will ensure that your car stays cool and comfortable all summer long – convertible or not! The internal temperature in your car can climb extremely fast and staying cool during the summer is the best way to ensure your driving is not affected by the heat.

What are your best tips for keeping your car cool during the hot summer months? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A New Jeep Scrambler?

Ever since we heard that Jeep is going to be releasing a truck in 2019 in the style of the Scrambler, and our good friend stopped by with one recently, we’ve been itching to write about this long awaited development. After we put the windshield down and took this bad boy off road for the day, we started getting exciting just thinking about the idea of a new Jeep truck. Once again combining the versatility of Jeep’s maneuverability with the much desired additional storage capacity will put this new innovative Jeep in a class all its own!

Over the years, Jeep has hinted and teased the release of another Jeep truck with nothing making it past the concept stage. But, it appears that the buzz may be real this time. The sleuths at Jeep Scrambler Forum have been able to spot several concept vehicles on the road that have a similar shape and design as the classic Jeep Scrambler. The Jeep Scrambler was a compact-style truck that provided an extended wheel base compared to its predecessors and additional cargo space while maintaining the aesthetics and style of the classic Jeeps. This unique new opportunity offers Jeep the ability to create a lightweight Scrambler-style truck with everything Jeep enthusiasts have been asking for. The general consensus is that the new Jeep truck will have a lightweight aluminum frame, option for a 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine, and options for a hard top, soft top, and completely removable doors and roof. Concepts that have been spotted show a Rubicon-type look with the Scrambler truck bed and Wrangler-inspired taillights, headlights, and grille.

We have a feeling that the new Jeep Scrambler truck (or whatever name is adopted) will have to come equipped with all the bells and whistles in order to compete in this extremely crowded market dominated by long-standing brands people have come to trust over the years. This will inevitably drive up the price tag. Buyers, outside of hardcore Jeep enthusiasts, willing to step outside the box for a Jeep truck will of course expect excellent off-road capabilities, but may require greatly improved comfort, handling, and upgraded accessories in order to commit. The truck bed will be shorter than standard truck beds including the F150, which will limit the hauling capacity. This limitation may keep Jeep trucks off of many work and construction sites, but not from the trails and back roads all across America.

We greatly anticipate the arrival of the Jeep trucks, which appear to be arriving sometime in mid-2019. As soon as you grab yours, share your pics with us on social media!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Replacing your Convertible Soft Top: What to Know

There’s no better way to enhance the value and look of your convertible car than replacing your worn out convertible soft top. While convertible tops are designed to withstand the elements, they will eventually breakdown and require replacing. Replacing the top will not only improve the look of your convertible, it will help preserve the interior from moisture and inclement weather, as well as help reduce wind and road noise. While the process can be complicated, it can be done at home with the right tools and a little dedication. Here are the most important steps for replacing any convertible soft top.

Order the Right Parts

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many convertible owners make the mistake of trying to find cheap alternatives to properly manufactured parts. Whether it’s replacing tension cables, the convertible top motor or the entire mechanism, you should be using quality parts specifically designed for your car’s make and model. Using parts not designated for your convertible may cause failure of other parts, costing you more money and possibly voiding any warrantees. OEM and upgraded parts will ensure a perfect fit with little worry about damaging any other parts.  

Clean Everything

After removing your old convertible soft top, you should do a thorough cleaning of all exposed surfaces. All surfaces must be smooth and free of residue to ensure a perfect seal when installing the new soft top. This is also a chance to get into the nooks and crannies that are normally unreachable when the top is installed. If any parts will be reused, they should be removed and thoroughly cleaned, as well.

Follow Instructions

When installing a convertible top yourself, it is extremely important to follow the instructions exactly as they are written. While parts of the installation may require some strength to accomplish, no parts should be forced into positions that will strain the motor, cables or frame. Remember, if you reach a point in the installation that is beyond your abilities, there’s no shame in handing it over to a professional to finish the job.  

Check your Work

Once your convertible top has been installed, it’s time to check your work. You should manually raise and retract your convertible top making sure it does not snag at any point. Perform a thorough visual inspection checking that no light shines through the seams and that the top closes tightly when latched. With the top up and windows closed, have someone run water over the convertible top while you check for any moisture or water leaks using a flashlight. Once the convertible top has passed your inspections, it is safe to use the motor to raise and lower the top. Once on the road, listen carefully for air leaks and wind noise.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Now that your convertible top is installed and fully functional, it’s important to perform regular maintenance. Always keep a soft brush handy to remove any debris and your convertible top will have specific cleaning solutions depending upon the material. Make sure to do a thorough cleaning at least once a month and only use approved products to clean and/or polish your convertible top.

Taking these steps will ensure that your convertible looks great, your interior is clean and quiet, and your top lasts for years. We have everything you need to repair and replace your convertible top and all of our convertible soft tops come with installation instructions.

What are our tips for installing a new convertible soft top? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Best Convertible Cars for Traveling

Convertible cars can provide some of the most enjoyable and economical means of travel. With the top down and wind in your hair, the miles melt away as you relax your way to each destination. While convertible cars may not technically be considered as recreational vehicles, their ability recreation cannot be overlooked. So, we’ve picked our favorite convertibles for hitting the road for extended vacations and overnight trips.

Mercedes-Benz SLC

If you’re looking for comfort and style, the SLC from Mercedes has everything you’re looking for! This is a roadster-style convertible with wood trim and plenty of head and leg room. The cabin is extremely quiet, even with the top down, and a premium sound system including an auxiliary audio input for enjoying your favorite tunes wherever you’re going. The cozy bucket seats come with optional leather and heated front seats and seat memory and power passenger seats. The turbocharged, rear wheel drive 4-cylinder engine can reach over 240 horsepower. Trunk space is ample, especially with the top up.

Jaguar XK

If luxury is your thing, the Jaguar XK comes fully loaded with everything you could ever want. The 5.0 Liter V8 engine is constructed with lightweight components to reduce weight while improving performance and handling. The convertible top is power-operated and the interior comes with heated leather seats and heated leather steering wheel, as well as the most comfortable interior you’ll find anywhere else. Adaptive dynamics increase control and balancing for a continuously smooth ride even through hairpin turns. With the top down, the Jaguar XK boasts up to 8 cubic feet of storage space in the trunk.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang convertible is one of the most fun convertibles to own and has more trunk space than most convertibles in its class. The Ford Mustang’s power and style have had an irreversible effect on the convertible car industry and is still one of the most sought after convertibles on the market. Higher end Mustangs have options for heated leather seats, as well as leather trim with colored accent trims in ebony with detailed stitching. The 5.0 Liter V8 engine offers a 6-speed manual transmission or a 10-speed SelectShift® Automatic transmission.

Jeep Wrangler

Depending on your plans, the Jeep Wrangler soft top convertible may be the best choice! While Jeeps may deliver a somewhat noisy ride, their ability to store plenty of cargo and go virtually anywhere makes them the ultimate convertible for road trips. Jeep Wranglers can comfortably transport 4 or 5 people while making its way through the roughest terrain. The Jeep Wrangler also has the ability to tow additional gear for your vacations including jet skis, motorcycles, camping trailers, and just about anything you could possibly need!  

These are just a few of our favorite convertibles for traveling. What are your favorite convertibles for hitting the road? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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