Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Exclusive Trilogy Acoustic Vinyl from Sierra Offroad

Sierra Offroad, a manufacturer of JEEP vinyl and interior, is now offering Trilogy Acoustic Vinyl – the heaviest vinyl on the market. Trilogy Acoustic Vinyl is proven to be of the highest quality, offering a long lasting material that works for most types of removable soft tops. The styling of the vinyl topping was made to look like the expensive cloth toppings found on luxury vehicles. If you have ever admired the expensive looking cloth toppings of a Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Bentley, the Trilogy Acoustic Vinyl can help you achieve that look for your soft top vehicle.

Not only does the Trilogy Acoustic Vinyl have a great look, it also has impressive performance characteristics. Since the Vinyl is a 45oz heavy-weight two-ply composite, the top to your vehicle will provide an incredibly quiet and comfortable ride every time you are on the road. Compared to Trilogy’s competitor, Sailcloth, the vinyl has proven to reduce interior noise by over 20%. Every ride with Trilogy will keep your focus on the adventure and not the noise.

Made to be resilient, Trilogy Acoustic Vinyl also has a heavy outer layer of PVC and a 100% Polyester laminated backing. Polyester is able to withstand more wearing and tearing than the basic cotton or poly/cotton blends and it also has the ability to resist mildewing and rotting. This means Trilogy Acoustic Vinyl owners no longer have to worry about the soft top on their vehicle getting caught in the rain.

Quiet, Durable and Affordable. The Trilogy Acoustic Vinyl is not only strong, but also good-looking. It has the feel of a luxury soft top with the polyester specified for European luxury convertibles to match. Available in eight colors, the Acoustic Vinyl can meet any of the buyer’s needs. Trilogy Acoustic Vinyl is the most attractive option when looking for a replacement for a worn-out cloth top or a way to stay up to date with the top-of-the-line material.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Convertible Top Replacement Preparation

Save money by replacing your own convertible top! Replacing a car’s top can be time consuming, but that doesn't mean you can’t accomplish it on your own or with a little assistance from friends.. Doing the replacement yourself will save you money and allow you to make sure it is done right while ensuring you have the best quality auto top. With some preparation and planning, your replacement can go smoothly and successfully.

Plan & Prepare Adequately
Make sure you are prepared to do a full repair of the auto top and related parts. One of the first things you'll need to do is to determine the state of your top, including everything from the well liner to the system that raises and lowers your top. If your convertible top needs replacement, it's likely that a number of other parts have suffered from wear and tear. Some of the most common are: the water trough, which help keep water from leaking into your trunk; tack strips; and the pump or cylinders of the system that raises and lowers your top. Some items, such as the water trough should just be replaced, but the pump or cylinders can often just be cleaned and lubricated.

As you remove your old top, it is a good idea to inspect each of these areas to see if they need work or replacement. If something is in poor condition or made of subpar materials - weather stripping being a good example - it is a good idea to go ahead and replace them as well. This can prevent future problems from developing, especially in the case of tack strips that are often made of cardboard and can allow the frame to rust; replacements are made of vinyl rubber and won't hold onto water.

Before you remove your top, be sure to measure the place where your rear bow is if you do not have a manual that includes this information. Marking any parts you remove can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Use the Right Tools
Along with a replacement top, you'll also need an air compressor, a staple gun and professional quality upholstery glue as well as any additional parts that need replacement. While OEM replacement parts may be available, aftermarket equipment may be the better bet. Additionally, when looking at aftermarket equipment, you'll want to consider materials, ease of installation and durability. For example, both glass and vinyl replacement windows are often available, and while glass may be prone to shattering, vinyl tends to yellow and get scratched and hazy over time. Be sure to look at different materials and options to ensure the best and most durable installation results.

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