Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tips for Enjoying Jeeps during Winter

Jeeps are perfect for any time of year. However, wintertime provides additional challenges that can be difficult to deal with, if you aren’t properly prepared. Winter brings snow, sleet, slush, and freezing temperatures mixed with your usual dirt, debris, and various road and trail anomalies. It’s important to incorporate seasonal accessories to ensure your travels are both safe and comfortable. So, we’ve put together a few ways to make the most of your Jeep during the cold winter months.


You’ll need to make sure your Jeep’s heater is properly functioning in order to stay warm and keep your windows defrosted. There are plenty of affordable portable heaters able to warm your Jeep and clear your windows in seconds. Staying warm is imperative to maintaining quick reaction times and keeping your extremities from cramping or losing sensation.

Floor Mats

Installing floor mats over your Jeep branded floor mats will keep them looking like new well beyond their normal shelf life. Thick rubber mats prevent snow, moisture, and your feet from damaging your interior and are extremely easy to clean. If you ever decide to sell your Jeep, showing off your perfectly maintained interior will be eye-catching and add real value to the sale.


Your off-road tires are designed for versatility and rugged environments. But, are your tires designed for snow? Driving on tires not designed for snow and sleet may cause your Jeep to slide or be unable to grip properly to the terrain. Snow tires have larger gaps in the tread design that is specifically engineered to improve traction on snow and ice. Winter is notorious for robbing tires of their proper air pressure, as well. You’ll need to check the air pressure in your Jeep’s tires frequently to ensure they stay within the recommended PSI. Tires that are improperly inflated will not hug the road evenly, causing the tires to deliver less than optimal performance.

Winch & Recovery Kit

One of the most important accessories for any time of year, especially winter, is a winch and recovery kit. With or without snow tires, you’re bound to end up stuck at least a few times, and the only thing worse than being stuck, is being stuck in the cold! Installing a winch and keeping a complete recovery kit handy will ensure you never have to stay in one place too long.

New Top & Doors

If your Jeep’s convertible top and removable doors have seen better days, winter is the perfect time to replace them. Cracks or tears in your Jeep’s convertible components are the top contributor to moisture, mold, and mildew infecting the interior, not to mention the cold air that seeps through when driving. A new convertible top and doors will not only keep you warmer and your interior clean, your Jeep will look great too!

These are just some of the quick and easy ways you can enhance your winter Jeep experience. It’s important to stay warm and alert at all times when driving in cold weather and being prepared will guarantee everyone’s safety and enjoyment. What are your favorite tips for enjoying your Jeep during the winter? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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