Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Reasons Convertibles Are Back in Style

Convertible cars aren’t just for collectors and hardcore fans anymore. Over the years, convertible tops have advanced by leaps and bounds compared to their carriage-like ancestors and this technology has been adopted by virtually every major car maker. While many still consider them a luxury, their reliability and functionality make convertible cars a practical choice for anyone looking for a reason to buy. So, we’ve put together the top 5 reasons why convertibles are back in style with manufacturers and buyers alike.

1. New Advanced Materials

Convertible tops are now made from extremely durable vinyl, cloth and polyester materials with features including reinforced stitching and noise reduction technology for the quietest ride possible. These materials are laser-cut to ensure a perfect fit with new convertible tops designed to be waterproof, as well as resistant to molds and mildew. New convertible straps and hooks will withstand years of use and are made using designs that cause less stress on the entire system.

2. Affordability

Prices for convertibles have dropped significantly over the last few decades. Newer materials and designs have helped car makers affordably build convertibles that look great, with all the features of luxury sedans, and the ability to stand the test of time. The affordability of convertibles has also been aided by an increase in disposable income and a willingness to invest in the improved designs.

3. Improved Safety Features

Car manufacturers have invested heavily in creating new standards for convertibles. New convertible cars have begun seeing vast improvements in the safety ratings given to them by top consumer reporting organizations. Convertible cars today are equipped with advanced stabilization technology, front and side-impact air bags, brake assist and more with new features becoming standard each year.

4. Versatility

Convertibles come is a wide range of styles and configurations. Manufacturers are building everything from sleek two-seater convertibles to larger 4-door convertibles with more bells and whistles than you could possibly imagine. Convertible tops are able to retract into smaller compartments than ever before allowing for increased trunk space and more room for backseat passengers.

5. Convertibles are Fun

Convertible cars are tons of fun! From late night drives to grocery store runs, convertible cars make any task an adventure. Whether you want to enjoy a starry night or tan while you drive, convertibles are great for every member of the family. With a convertible, you can go from work to weekend in seconds while impressing everyone from your friends to your boss with your flexibility and free spirit.

Buying a convertible has never been easier or more affordable. While convertible top technology has vastly improved over the years, we carry everything to replace old tops and keep your new convertible top sparkling clean and looking great. Share your favorite reasons for owning a convertible in our comment section. We love hearing your stories! 

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