Thursday, May 5, 2016

5 Reasons You Need Seat Covers

If you are like us, you value your car and take great pride in keeping it looking its best. Protecting your car’s interior is as important as washing the car and changing the oil (well, maybe almost as important as changing the oil …). We come into direct contact with our car’s seats more than any other part of the vehicle, and they are usually one of the first parts of the interior to wear out. There are several reasons to use seat covers, and we’ve put together the top five reasons seat covers can save you time, money and frustration.

  1. You Have Kids and/or Pets – When kids aren’t climbing on and jumping over car seats, they tend to ruin them by spilling drinks, food and everything imaginable. If you have pets, you know their claws, teeth, slobber and other fluids can damage a car seat beyond repair. Using seat covers can prevent permanent and unsightly rips and stains before they happen.
  2. Increase the Resale Value – Buying custom car seat covers as soon as you purchase your car will keep your seats looking like new until you are ready to sell. Removing the seat covers will reveal a car interior that looks just like the day you bought it, which leaves buyers with little to complain about. For example, if a buyer is debating between buying two similar cars, they will likely choose the car that is visibly more appealing.
  3. Prevent the Spread of Mold and Mildew – If your car seats do have rips or tears in the fabric, seat covers will protect the exposed fabric from absorbing moisture, which can cause foul odors and discoloration over time. When seat covers do come in contact with moisture or liquids, they are easily cleaned up and will not damage your replacement seat cover’s fabric.
  4. Car Seats are Expensive – Yes, replacing and/or reupholstering car seats can be very expensive and time-consuming. Custom car seat covers are a fraction of the cost of replacing a car seat, and seat covers can make a car seat last much longer than that if unprotected.
  5. They Look Great – One of the quickest ways to spruce up the interior of your car is to add custom seat covers. Even the most worn-out car seats can look like new with the right seat cover. Seat covers now come in a wide range of styles and colors with something to fit everyone’s personal style.

Seat covers are a simple way to enhance the look and value of your car even with a limited budget. Buy seat covers from our online store before any damage has occurred to enjoy a perfect car interior for years to come. What are some of the reasons you’ve had to buy seat covers? Share your stories with us below! 

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