Friday, December 13, 2019

Highlighting Design Changes for 1990-1994 Mercedes SL Convertible Tops

Since its first appearance in 1954 as the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, nicknamed the Gullwing, the Mercedes SL Class has proven to be one of the company's most popular series of automobiles. Still in production to this day, the SL Class has been produced through six generations and marketed under an array of monikers:
300 SL Gullwing – 1954-1957
300 SL Roadster – 1957-1953
190 SL – 1955-1963
230 SL – 1963-1967
250 SL – 1966-1968
280 SL – 1967-1971
350 SL – 1971-1972
450 SL – 1973-1980
280 SL – 1974-1985
380 SL – 1980-1988
500 SL – 1980-1986

The list continues on, with Mercedes-Benz using numerous other designations for its wide variety of SL models. Some SL designations, such as the 280 SL, are reused for new models. Others, such as the SL 55 AMG, SL 60 AMG and SL 70 AMG, were limited production models, of which few were produced. Only a total of about 300 SL Class models were customized by AMG before 2002.

Mercedes SL Convertible Tops

Many Mercedes-Benz SL models came with a choice of hard top, convertible top or both. Convertible tops that were installed during manufacture on 1990-1994 300 SL, 500 SL and 600 SL models had a design flaw that eventually required repair or replacement of the top. A buckle that's part of the window section and uses elastic and a screw to attach to the frame causes damage to the top. In 1995, the company changed its design, getting rid of the buckle and replacing it with a canvas/elastic attachment system.

The SL convertible tops we sell, including those for the 1990-1994 model years, utilize this improved design feature. These tops fit SL model years 1990-2002 and, in addition to use on 300 SL, 500 SL and 600 SL models, are also appropriate for SL 280, SL 320, SL 500 and SL 600 models utilizing the 129 chassis.

Our convertible tops are made from high-quality canvas and vinyl, using OEM materials. They feature plastic windows that are expertly sewn in, hand-rolled bindings and strong polyester color-matched stitching. Made in the U.S., these tops look and feel just as good as the top originally installed on your vehicle at the factory. They provide a perfect fit, guaranteed.

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