Monday, July 6, 2015

How to Repair Water Damage in Your Convertible

Over the last few months, the United States has experienced a staggering amount of rainfall—from severe flooding in Texas to torrential rains across the Midwest. According to news reports, May was the wettest month on record for the contiguous U.S.

Great news for regions experiencing drought, not great news for vehicle owners in those rainy areas. Rain is especially not ideal for all you convertible owners. While many convertible owners know better than to drive out in the rain, sometimes it is unavoidable. It happens.

If your car has been out in the rain and you spot some water in your interior, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to repair water damage in your convertible.

1. Assess the water level. If your convertible has been flooded to the electronic system, the high level of submersion most likely means your vehicle is past the point of return. Be sure to contact a professional for a final opinion. However, if you only had a minimal amount of water leakage, salvaging the interior is possible!

2. Immediately pull the wet interior items out to avoid mold and the unpleasant ensuing smells. Remove the seats, the carpeting and the jute, which is the padding underneath the carpeting. The jute will more than likely need to be replaced. As you take items out, you must clean and disinfect. Utilize a hot pressure wash mixed with a disinfectant and hang out to dry. Drying will require some time because of the thickness of the upholstery. Try humidifiers, blow-dryers and good old sunshine.

3. While items dry, disinfect the inside of your car as well. Try spraying bioactive enzymes that actually eat bacteria. These enzymes are more heavy duty than those found in domestic products and don’t pose a health hazard other than to mold. If the damage isn’t so severe and the water hasn’t been sitting in your car for long, shampooing the interior works well too. The entire process may take up to a few days, so be prepared to put a good amount of elbow grease into cleaning your convertible.

4. Depending on the severity of the water damage, you may find that you have to replace your soft top. Even if there is no tear or leak, your convertible top has now become porous and will start to shrink. Once you’ve replaced it, be sure to treat your top with a waterproof sealant and avoid the rain as much as possible! At Auto Tops Direct, we carry a variety of convertible tops for different makes and models. Many of our items ship within 24 hours of purchase to get your convertible back in shape!

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