Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Convertible Top Repair Supplies: Which Option is Best?

Soft tops have been around as long as people have been buying convertibles. With their unmistakable vintage look, soft tops remain a beloved classic for convertible fans everywhere. Unfortunately, soft convertible tops have the chance of becoming damaged due to weather and other accidents. Thankfully, convertible owners have a wide variety of options for repairing their tops themselves. We’re giving you the lowdown on six products to give you an idea of which repair product would work best for you.

Gear-Aid Tenacious Tape

Gear-Aid Tenacious Tape works best to repair tears or rips in a pinch. Backed with ultra-aggressive adhesive, this tape sticks to technical fabrics, including nylon and vinyl. The strong, weatherproof tape is available in the form of either a 3 x 20” strip or 1.5 x 60” roll and is available in a variety of colors (including clear) to best match your soft top. Additionally, Tenacious Tape becomes waterproof and machine washable after 24 hours of application. With an average of 4 stars from customer reviews on Amazon, we’d say this versatile, multipurpose tape is a necessity for all convertible lovers to repair accidents fast. Shop Gear-Aid Tenacious Tape at their online store or on Amazon.

Price: $5.25


Tear-Aid takes the form of a repair patch, so it is easy to instantly mend your soft top and be back on the road in no time. The product comes in two different types and can adhere to a variety of fabric materials. The see-through patch blends in with all soft top colors and offers instant adhesion. Its flexible material conforms to all surfaces, even irregular ones, and is UV-resistant to prevent yellowing. Unlike other instant repair patches, the Tear-Aid patch won’t turn gummy in high heat, so you won’t end up with another mess on your hands. Customer reviews state that the patch is fairly long-lasting, but bear in mind instant solutions typically do not hold up over long periods of time. Check out this store locator to find Tear-Aid in stores near you.

Price: $7.99

Liquid Stitch

Liquid Stitch is a fast-drying fabric glue that repairs rips and tears in most fabric materials, including clothing, accessories and furniture. This product can also be used to apply patches for a quick no-sew repair. Available in a 1.69 oz tube, Liquid Stitch dries quickly and provides a temporary solution that lasts longer than tape. Once dry, the glue is machine washable and water-resistant. Customer reviews state that this product works best for a short amount of time, so we recommend Liquid Stitch as a quick fix. This product is available in stores at Walmart or online at Amazon.

Price: $10.86


Stormsure’s line of products focuses on repairs you can easily do yourself. Their flagship product, the flexible repair adhesive, is a waterproof universal glue that works on virtually all materials, including leather, PVC, polyurethane and more. It is extremely flexible and tough when cured, so it is perfect for outdoor wear. Stormshare also sells a soft top roof repair kit complete with all the necessary material for convertible top repair, including the adhesive, TUFF Tape strips and TUFF Tape repair patches. Customer reviews praise the product for its durability but reinforce that the glue is just a temporary fix. You can buy the kit directly from their website. To purchase just the glue, shop their website or other online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

Kit price: $9.23
Adhesive price: $9.23

3M Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

For a more permanent solution, the 3M Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit repairs damage in automotive leather and vinyl. The kit comes with a color matching guide and textured grain papers to ensure optimal repair results. This kit seems to be a fantastic inexpensive option for addressing minor damage and preventing it from getting worse. Included in the kit is replacement backing fabric, seven colored intermixable repair compounds (red, blue, green, yellow, white, brown, black), mixing cups, vinyl swatch for testing, vinyl adhesive, applicator tool, and a heat transfer tool. However, many customer reviews say this kit can be quite complicated to get right, so be advised before purchasing. The 3M Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit is available in stores at Walmart or online at Amazon.

Price: $9.97

United Cabriofun Repair Kit

The United Cabriofun Repair Kit offers powerful bonding for a long-lasting weatherproof fix. Its adhesive plastic welding reinforced fabric repair material combines with the base material of your soft top, creating a permanent DIY fix. The kit includes vulcanizing glue, one large repair patch (4 x 6 inches) and instructions. The patches come in six different colors: white, black, anthracite, blue, beige and red. Amazon users gave this kit a 3.5 out of 5 stars, making it a solid choice for an affordable soft top repair. Purchase the United Cabriofun Repair Kit on Amazon.

Price: $16.50

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