Friday, February 8, 2019

Investing in Your Convertible’s Future

Unless you're one of the super-rich elite with money to burn, vehicle purchases should be seen and treated as careful investments. Maintaining a vehicle’s resale value is the number-one reason convertible owners treat their cars with such tender loving care. When it comes time to sell, they’re able to stick to their price with confidence. So, we’re going to go through a few ways you can invest in your convertible car to best maintain its value.

Floor Mats

Believe it or not, having clean carpeting and original floor mats greatly enhance the look of the interior. Few other interior spots take as much abuse as the flooring and floor mats. Your local auto store will have affordable thick rubber mats you can place directly over your original floor mats to provide much more coverage and protection. These are much easier to clean than carpeted floor mats and will last for years. Weathertech makes mats for floors, trunks, and all interior spots with exact fits for virtually every make and model. When replacing floor mats, always make sure driver’s side floor mats do not interfere with the operation of any pedals including the parking brake.

Seat Covers

Front and back seat covers will ensure your vehicle has a sharp, custom look and is protected from stains and damage from everyday use. Damage to seat cushions including cuts and burns cause expensive repairs and will surely make a buyer think twice before committing to a purchase. Seat covers stop most liquids before they can soak into the cushions and prevent wear and tear from frequent use. Once you are ready to sell your car, you can take them off to reveal what appear to be brand new seat cushions.

Tune-ups & Regular Maintenance

So, the dad in me really comes out in this one! Washing and waxing a car is a great way to protect the exterior (and interior) from the damaging sun, as well as inclement weather and driving conditions. A convertible’s fluids are the lifeblood that keep it going. Replacing your car’s oil and fluids will keep all involved parts properly lubricated, which means they will last much longer. Tune-ups will also help keep your engine, brake system, and more operating at peak efficiency. Keeping an accurate record of all regular maintenance will help buyers understand the level of care you’ve put into the vehicle you are selling which will hopefully result in a high selling price.

Drive Safely

Make sure you don’t have a ‘drive it like you stole it’ mentality if you ever want to resell your convertible. If a vehicle has been abused, even a mildly informed buyer will be able to tell pretty much immediately. Try to think about the day you plan on selling your car before you rev the engine or hit those speed bumps without slowing down. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your vehicle to its fullest, just use some common sense when doing so.

Taking these steps will definitely help maintain your convertible’s resale value and get you the price you want and deserve. Always make sure your convertible is spotless inside and out (even under the hood) when showing it to potential buyers and all fluids and inspections are up to date. Your attention to detail will put buyers at ease and help make the process smooth, successful, and fun!

What are your favorite tips for maintaining a car’s resale value and selling it at the best possible price? Share your stories in the comments below!

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