Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tips for Keeping Your Convertible Cool this Summer

Like all cars, convertibles can get pretty hot during the summer months. Whether you’re driving a hard or soft top convertible, you can’t always leave the top or windows down. Heat can damage your car just like cold weather and, over time, can cause parts to age and deteriorate prematurely. So, we’ve pulled together a few tips for keeping your car cool during the hot summer months.

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows not only make your car look sleeker while providing increased privacy, tinted windows will also keep your car cooler than non-tinted windows. Tinted windows block the sun’s rays that generate heat while letting some of the rays that generate light pass through. Depending on the type of tint you choose, the tint can provide up to 80% solar heat rejection for your car. Your local installer will have information regarding the solar heat rejection rates of various window tints and should be able to explain the different types.

Covered Parking

Whether in a garage or in the shade, covered parking provides an excellent means of reducing heat transferred to your car. Covered parking also allows you to park with the windows slightly cracked without any concern of passing rain showers. Pay close attention to where shaded parking spots are when you’re leaving work and other places you frequently visit rather than focusing on finding a shaded space when you arrive.

Sun Shades

Placing a sun shade in the front and back windows of your car can greatly reduce the internal temperature. Not only will this reduce the ambient temperature in your car, it will also vastly reduce the temperature of the metal seatbelts, steering wheel, and other interior parts known for reaching blazingly hot temperatures during the summer months. Sun shades are extremely affordable and can fold up to easily fit in your glove box or center console.

Car Window Fans

There are plenty of battery and solar-powered fans for car windows that are extremely effective. From small, compact window fans to units that cover the entire car window, these units can be extremely affordable and useful during the summer. Most car window fans fit along the top of the window and are secured as the window is rolled up. There are units that pull out odors and hot air while providing cool, fresh air in its place and portable, compact units that can fit virtually any vehicle.

Remote Start

A great way to quickly cool off your car is to install a remote start feature. Using this feature while leaving the A/C on full force will help immediately start cooling down your car with the push of a button. The air conditioning in most cars takes a few seconds to start blowing cold, so that time can be spent walking to your car and preparing for departure. Once you are ready to drive, the A/C is blowing cold and the car’s temperature will already be on the decline.

Using a combination of these tips will ensure that your car stays cool and comfortable all summer long – convertible or not! The internal temperature in your car can climb extremely fast and staying cool during the summer is the best way to ensure your driving is not affected by the heat.

What are your best tips for keeping your car cool during the hot summer months? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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