Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How to Build Your Dream Jeep Wrangler

Whether you’re driving by the beach or balancing alongside a rocky mountain, it seems like the car to be in is none other than a Jeep. There’s no question that Jeeps have made a pretty big reputation as being the ultimate car for adventure. However, while we may have an idea of what the basic Jeep may look and be like, there are a variety of Jeeps out there that are better for other things not to mention an endless amount of features to pile on. The best thing about Jeeps is that they’re highly customizable to fit your personal needs and desires. It may seem like a lot to handle, so here are some things you should consider before building your dream Jeep:

Soft-top vs Hardtop
One of the best things about Jeeps is their convertibility. Jeep Wranglers are known for their removable doors and ceilings that may make you feel completely susceptible to the forces of nature. While they are of course many safety features in place, the openness of Jeeps allow you to drive almost anywhere while being able to experience the wind in your face and the mud splatter on your wheels. However, since we can’t always control the spontaneity of Mother Nature, Jeep are made with removable hard and soft tops.

If you’re expecting to ride your Jeep through a constant storm of heavy rain, hail, and snow, the hardtop is probably a better fit for you. While they are still removable, these hardtops are not always easy to constantly remove and add back on. Usually requiring at least two people, these heavy-duty tops are good to withstand extreme weather conditions but not the best for sporadic weather changes.
Unlike hardtops, soft-tops are extremely easy to remove and change constantly. While they still provide protection from precipitation, you probably wouldn’t want to be stuck in a heavy snowstorm with just a soft top. However, if you’re the constant adventurer that loves to feel the open wind on their face and experience the full capability of a Jeep, the soft top is the perfect option.

Two door vs Four Door
Another step to think about when building your dream Jeep is considering whether or not you want four doors. Just as with any decision we make, there are pros and cons to both options.

If you’re one of those people that is constantly driving around all of their friends, a four-door car may be a little bit more convenient for you. Of course, we’ve all experienced the inconvenience of having to crawl behind a seat in order to get to the back, but with four-door Jeeps, this is obviously not an issue. However, one issue you may want to consider is the inconvenience of removing all four doors. Just like removing a hard top, we can imagine that the doors that are made for a heavy duty Jeep are not lightweight to carry. If you’re planning on constantly removing your doors and putting them back on, maybe you should reconsider the four-door option.

Sport vs Sahara vs Rubicon
Although some may consider this first, we’ve saved the base for last. The last step in building your dream Jeep is to pick the model that you want it to be. We know it’s a big thing to choose; hopefully the previous steps gave you a better understanding of what you’re looking for. The Jeep Wrangler comes in a variety of different models, but the three most basic are Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon.

On left side of the spectrum, we have the Sahara. This car is best for those that want the look of the Jeep, but would rather just have a better interior than exterior. While this car is not too made for off-roading and crazy adventuring, it is perfect for those that want the freedom aspect of the Jeep while still having a kicking interior sound system and other features.

The sport Wrangler is the perfect buffer between extreme off-roading and just cruising. If you’re sure you won’t be venturing off crazy obstacles every day, but might go off-roading occasionally, this model is the typical Jeep Wrangler. It has all the basic features of a Jeep Wrangler that allow you to go experience adventure at its finest, but also allows for just a day out cruising.

Lastly, we have the Rubicon. This is likely the image you’ve had in your head about Jeeps all along. This is going to be the heavy duty Jeep that is made for off-roading, mud piles, mountainous areas, and basically anything you can think of. If you’re looking to push the limits on your Jeep, this is going to be the car for you.

While there are an endless amount of things that you can do to make your Jeep your own, there are always a few fundamental things that you should consider before trying to decide all the little details. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate adventure car or just a car to sit still and look pretty in, any Jeep will undoubtedly make you look like the ultimate cool kid.

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