Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Enjoying a Convertible in Winter

Winter is usually when we focus on reminding our online family about taking steps to preserve and protect their convertibles from snow, debris, and all the things that will damage tops. But, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your convertible simply because it’s cold outside. It’s important to drive your convertible during winter to keep the battery charged and fluids circulating. So, we’ve decide to review a few ways to ensure your winter drives are just as enjoyable as driving during all the other seasons.

Warm it Up

If you’re going to drive your convertible during winter, you had better make sure the heater works. Repairing a car’s heater is much easier and more affordable than dealing with air conditioning systems. Older cars will pull heat from the engine, but newer models will have a heating core that passes hot air through the ventilation system. If your convertible’s heater isn’t working, it could be the core, a broken thermostat, low antifreeze levels, blocked vents, or a few other issues that can be repaired relatively quickly and without breaking the bank.

Seal it

Winter will make any issues with moisture or air penetration exponentially worse. A smart, quick solution for this issue is using weather stripping made specifically for cars. Weather stripping, along with a gasket adhesive (if necessary), will provide a stopgap measure that prevents moisture from damaging the interior, wind from noise pollution, and cold air from zapping your warmth. Weather stripping is affordable, effective, and lasts long enough for you to replace any components before they cause further damage.

Bundle Up

Don’t make your convertible do all the work when driving during the winter months. Bundling up will ensure you enjoy your convertible to the fullest. Driving gloves and goggles may seem extreme, but they can help you enjoy the drive longer and with a hip look that’s functional and stylish. Of course, you’ll need to maintain a high level of mobility and visibility to ensure maximum comfort and safety.


From heated seats to wind diffusers, there are plenty of ways to accessorize your convertible to stay warm. But, not all accessories need to be for the car. Consider bringing extra blankets, electric and otherwise, along with hot chocolate, and other snacks to make your trips more enjoyable. While drivers should never use blankets, hot chocolate is a delicious way to stay warm, comfortable, and alert.  

Give Yourself Options & Stay Safe

An early morning or late night drive may seem ideal, but if it gets too cold, your vision and motor skills may become compromised. When driving your convertible during winter, consider driving with the top down and the windows up, vice versa, or limiting your drives to short windows of time. Even with the top and windows up, convertibles are extremely enjoyable, but you’ll need to use good judgment when driving in unusual conditions.

Staying warm in the winter with a convertible has never been easier. These measures will ensure your winter is just as enjoyable as your summer. Share your tips for making the most of your convertible during winter in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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