Monday, September 25, 2017

How to know when to Replace a Convertible Headliner

A convertible headliner is the fabric along the inside of the convertible top. This is an extra layer of protection from outside elements including falling debris, as well as temperature changes. The convertible headliner is a vital part of your convertible’s ability to keep moisture from damaging the interior of the car while reducing road and wind noise, as well. Over the years, convertible headliners can take quite a beating and will inevitably need to be replaced. Convertible tops and headliners are parts that must be replaced in order to prevent additional damage to the interior and mechanics of the convertible system. So, when is the right time to replace your headliner? We’ve put together some tips for identifying when your convertible headliner needs to be replaced.

Sagging Headliner

Headliners sag due to the adhesive losing its strength after years of extreme hot and cold weather, as well as moisture. A sagging headliner can be temporarily repaired with supplemental spray glue to re-attach the fabric. This will only work if the headliner is slightly sagging. You may find that if the headliner is sagging too much, the fabric will be difficult to lay flat and may not stick properly, causing additional tearing when the convertible top is engaged. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a temporary fix and will not sufficiently keep moisture out of the car. The best option is to completely remove the sagging headliner and replace it with a new, matching headliner.

Headliner Tears

Tears in your headliner are a sign of things to come. As you raise and lower your convertible top, any tears will inevitably grow and cause the headliner to begin to sag. Temporary fixes including pins or staples (which we don’t recommend using) will not last long and will eventually cause more holes in the headliner fabric. It’s best to remove your headliner and replace it to avoid causing additional damage to your car’s interior and convertible top.

Excessive Road Noise

It may be difficult to notice increasingly louder road noise, since it can happen over months or even years. However, if your interior is louder than normal, it may be due to a compromised headliner. If you hear even the smallest wind gust while driving, you will need to investigate the source of the leak and see if you can seal it until the headliner can be replaced. Without replacing the headliner, the road noise will not only increase, moisture will begin to seep in ruining your car’s interior.

New Convertible Top

Whenever you replace your convertible’s top, the headliner should be replaced, as well. Even if the headliner looks barely used, there’s no sense in risking damage to your new convertible top or interior with an old headliner. Give your convertible the attention and protection it needs to stay in perfect shape for years to come.

These are just a few of the signs that you should replace your headliner. A new headliner from Auto Tops Direct will fit perfectly, withstand years of use and keep your convertible looking great on even the smallest budget. Share your headliner stories with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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