Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy a Convertible

With the exception of those who are fortunate enough to live in warm weather climates, many of us sadly cover up our beloved convertibles during the long and dreary convertible months. But did you ever consider that winter may be the best time to buy a convertible? Although it may be sad to think of not being able to drive with the top down until the sun starts to shine, there are many benefits to buying either a new or used convertible during the chilliest months of the year.

You may have raised an eyebrow when your grandmother bought a winter coat in July and a beach umbrella in January, however, she may have been right on the money! Car dealers with convertibles are always looking to free up space in the show room for car models that have more seasonal appeal, like SUVs in the winter. It is likely that convertible drivers may have traded in their models in the late fall, and dealerships are willing to offer great bargains to get the cars off of their floor.

Many potential buyers are reluctant to buy a convertible in the winter due to fears that the roof can’t withstand the cold temperatures. Thanks to today’s modern engineering developments, those fears are all but gone! Electric fabric roofs and folding metal hard tops are easier than ever to use and attach, and they are excellent at keeping the elements – namely snow and water – outside of your car! Many top OEMs also now offer convertibles in all wheel drive, including the Audi A5 and the Infiniti G37, meaning you can feel safe and secure driving them in any weather. Today’s models are also far better insulated than convertibles from the past, and many offer the same level of protection as your coupe.

So, the next time you dismiss the idea of buying a convertible during the winter, think again. And remember- Santa’s sleigh didn’t come with a hard top!

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