Thursday, September 25, 2014

Product Spotlight: Audi TT Convertible Top with Twillfast RPC

Today’s convertible-top equipped cars are a far cry from previous decades. The fit and finish, noise reduction and quality of materials can almost make occupants feel as though they are riding in a standard sedan. The Audi TT is one of the leaders in top fit and technology from the factory and the Auto Tops Direct replacement top holds true to that OEM level of fit and finish.

From the factory, the Audi TT convertible top utilizes Haartz Twillfast RPC canvas cloth for top construction. The same material allows this replacement top to mimic factory specs, with enhanced noise reduction and the quality that installers come to expect with the Haartz brand of materials. Haartz canvas products are a very desirable upgrade from lesser sailcloth vinyls used in economy convertible tops.

It’s not just the top materials that make this replacement top shine above the competitors. The green-tint heated rear curtain goes above and beyond standard specifications. All threading matches the cloth color and is stitched with the finest bonded polyester threads. The canvas features a fine dobby weave lining.

On average, heat bonded rear windows begin to pull and loosen anywhere from five to eight years of use, allowing leaks and window collapse. With the Audi TT convertible top, the DOT compliant heated glass window is bonded with a special patented technology for a clean look with a long, durable life. Auto Tops Direct features a lifetime warranty on a state of the art heat bonding process, ensuring trouble-free service for the life of the top.

On older convertibles, chalk marks and installers eyeballing the fit determined how tight a top went on. With the more precise fit and geometries of today’s convertible market, the top construction and design must be very accurate from the manufacturer, with specific mounting points and edging sewn into the top during the build process. The computer-cut panels and heat bonded seams of the Audi Twillfast top ensures accurate, tight installation and years of solid use.

The Audi TT is a preeminent automobile that deserves a top notch convertible top. If you’re looking to get your Audi TT back to mint condition, choose the Audi TT convertible top with Twillfast RPC today!

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