Thursday, July 17, 2014

Places to Cruise with the Convertible Top Down

If you're looking for some magnificent places to drive with the convertible top down, you'll have a range of beautiful locations to choose from. America is the land of ultimate splendor, and it offers a wide range of sites where you can cruise along free of stress and worry. Here, for your reading pleasure, are five locations where the wind can whip freely through your hair as you take in the passing scenery.

1. Sedona, Arizona 

Sedona, AZSedona is marked by towering formations of red sandstone that rise from the valleys of central Arizona. Sedona itself is considered a mystical resort town, and the rock formations will offer you a chance to enjoy the glories of nature. During the spring and summer months, you can expect blue skies and moderate temperatures. North of Sedona, you can cruise through Oak Creek Canyon, which is marked by thick forests and abrupt cliffs. The area, in fact, is a virtual paradise. You can easily take in most of it from your vehicle.

2. Aspen, Colorado 
Aspen, CO

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Aspen offers snow-capped mountains and a plethora of lovely ski resorts. The lowlands feature deciduous trees and geologic outcrops. The higher elevations offer breathtaking hillsides that are sprinkled with blue-green mountain lakes and large pine trees.

3. Outer Banks, North Carolina 

Outer Banks, NCThe beaches of North Carolina are a cruiser's paradise. Once you've made your way over Albemarle Sound, you can turn north toward Duck or south toward Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Cape Hatteras. The entire length of the Outer Banks offers national seashores, windswept dunes and majestic beaches that can be glimpsed from the road. With your convertible top down, you'll be able to enjoy the salty breezes while also giving yourself over to the pure beauty of the area.

4. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 

Gettysburg, PAIf you're in love with history, a cruise through Gettysburg National Military Park is well worth the trip. The park, which has hundreds of monuments and markers, is known for its peaceful fields and serene woodlands. Dozens of miles of roads exist within the boundaries of the park. For the best possible experience, you might choose to visit early in the morning to avoid the crowds that often gather later in the day.

5. Appalachia 

Appalachia trailAppalachia is perhaps the most beautiful region in the entire country. With miles of two-lane roads that wind through mountains that nearly touch the clouds, you'll feel as if you've been transported a few centuries into the past. The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee are not to be missed.

Proper Maintenance 

Before you head off on your grand adventure, you should ensure that your convertible top is in impeccable shape. This way, you can avoid the headaches that come with mechanical problems when you are out on the open road. Auto Tops Direct offers reputable convertible tops that will be eminently reliable when properly installed. With foresight, you can cruise the entire country without any serious issues.

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