Monday, January 3, 2011

VW Beetle - Definitely Something Good

Finding a car that combines utility, affordability and a unique design can be a challenge, but for decades the Volkswagen Beetle has been providing just that for motorists all over the world.

If you've always dreamed of owning a convertible but have found them to be far beyond your financial reach, a VW convertible gives you the chance to drive with the top down without doing serious damage to your wallet.

It may seem like the VW Beetle is one of those cars that has always "been there". It has become a mainstay of popular culture and many VW owners pride themselves on being hip, savvy nonconformists. But where did the Beetle come from originally? The answer may surprise you!

Volkswagen Beetles - or "Bugs," as they're affectionately known - actually have their roots in 1930s Germany. Adolf Hitler wanted to create a car that was reliable, fuel-efficient and affordable - a "people's car" that all citizens could afford. In fact, Volkswagen is German for "people's car." When Hitler rose to power, he commissioned the creation of this egalitarian car, and in 1938, the VW Beetle was born.

Although the cars were not particularly flashy or fast, they were relatively cheap (especially for a German-made car) and had a unique charm that many consumers responded to immediately. Eventually, the "Bug" became one of the most popular cars in the world, and has been in production almost every year since its 1938 debut.

The VW convertible, of course, premiered after the standard Beetle, but it quickly caught on amongst those who desired the fun of a convertible driving experience without the expense and worry of investing in a sports car with a five- or six-figure price tag. You can still appreciate the feeling of the wind in your hair and the sun on your back without springing for a Porsche or Ferrari! In fact, choosing a VW convertible over a higher-end brand actually says something positive about your character; it conveys that you value fun and individuality over status and money.

With the economy still on the mend and millions of people struggling to find work, the time is right for "the people's car" to make a real resurgence among American motorists. Even if you prefer luxury cars, you might like to have a VW convertible for the novelty - or simply for fun Sunday drives. Whether you're a veteran driver or you're looking for something suitable for your teenage son or daughter, a Volkswagen may be just what you need. Take one for a test drive and find out why the "Bug" has been a favorite of millions for over seventy years!
There's definitely something about a VW convertible top, with its fun shape and sporty driving. The automaker has truly perfected the design and functionality.

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