Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How to Buy a Convertible Top Online

When it’s time to replace your convertible top, you don’t need to go to the local trim shop and work with whatever they happen to have - you can get a brand new, perfect fit convertible top online at an affordable price point and a 100% guarantee.

Buying a new convertible top online is actually pretty easy! Here’s all you need to know:

Based on the criteria above, you can easily shop, buy, and get your new convertible top online.

The Benefits of Buying a Convertible Top Online

Shopping for a new or replacement convertible online has plenty of benefits over stopping in the trim shop.

More Convertible Top Options

Chances are that your local trim shop only has a finite inventory of convertible auto tops. Depending on the shop, you’ll have limited choice in the type of material you can use for your convertible top, and the make/model they’re able to work with. Limited options will either make you end up paying more for a convertible top replacement job, or force you to hunt around for a shop that offers what you’re looking for.

By shopping online, you can choose the type of top you want based on the make/model of your vehicle or the fabric that you want to use.

Purchase Guarantee

If you’re shopping convertible tops online, from a store like AutoTopsDirect.com, you have a purchase guarantee. While some trim shops might offer a refund, their policy might not cover the manufacturer fabric along with the installation process. Shopping online allows you to ensure that you’re getting a guaranteed product.

Lower Prices

If you’re shopping online, you’re cutting out the go-between that trim shops need to do in order to acquire convertible top material from suppliers. Those suppliers markup their prices from the manufacturer and pass it on to the trim shops, and then the trim shops pass it on to the customer. By shopping online direct from a manufacturer, you can cut out the middleman and get a convertible auto top at an affordable price.

Ensuring a Good Fit for Your Convertible Top

Once you’ve selected your convertible auto top, you then need to make sure that installation is going to go smoothly. The auto top installation process is different depending on the make/model of your vehicle and the type of top material that you use, so you need to make sure that you’ve got an installer who knows what they’re doing.

AutoTopsDirect.com has the benefit of having a nationwide network of auto top installers who are able to work with our products. This network allows us to offer our “Perfect Fit Guarantee.” No matter your make/model, if you take your new convertible top, headliner, boot cover, or seat cover kit to a professional trim shop and they cannot properly fit it to your vehicle, we will gladly replace your product or offer a refund. This allows you to shop at AutoTopsDirect.com with the confidence knowing you are getting a product made correctly for your vehicle.

If you’re considering buying a replacement auto top online, be sure to make sure that your retailer can offer a full money back guarantee and connect you with a professional installer, otherwise you’ll be hunting around for a trim professional that can install your make/model top.

While you don’t have to shop for your convertible top online with AutoTopsDirect.com, we hope that our Perfect Fit Guarantee, massive convertible top inventory, a huge network of professional installers, and industry expertise will help you choose to shop for your next auto top here.

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