Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A New Jeep Scrambler?

Ever since we heard that Jeep is going to be releasing a truck in 2019 in the style of the Scrambler, and our good friend stopped by with one recently, we’ve been itching to write about this long awaited development. After we put the windshield down and took this bad boy off road for the day, we started getting exciting just thinking about the idea of a new Jeep truck. Once again combining the versatility of Jeep’s maneuverability with the much desired additional storage capacity will put this new innovative Jeep in a class all its own!

Over the years, Jeep has hinted and teased the release of another Jeep truck with nothing making it past the concept stage. But, it appears that the buzz may be real this time. The sleuths at Jeep Scrambler Forum have been able to spot several concept vehicles on the road that have a similar shape and design as the classic Jeep Scrambler. The Jeep Scrambler was a compact-style truck that provided an extended wheel base compared to its predecessors and additional cargo space while maintaining the aesthetics and style of the classic Jeeps. This unique new opportunity offers Jeep the ability to create a lightweight Scrambler-style truck with everything Jeep enthusiasts have been asking for. The general consensus is that the new Jeep truck will have a lightweight aluminum frame, option for a 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine, and options for a hard top, soft top, and completely removable doors and roof. Concepts that have been spotted show a Rubicon-type look with the Scrambler truck bed and Wrangler-inspired taillights, headlights, and grille.

We have a feeling that the new Jeep Scrambler truck (or whatever name is adopted) will have to come equipped with all the bells and whistles in order to compete in this extremely crowded market dominated by long-standing brands people have come to trust over the years. This will inevitably drive up the price tag. Buyers, outside of hardcore Jeep enthusiasts, willing to step outside the box for a Jeep truck will of course expect excellent off-road capabilities, but may require greatly improved comfort, handling, and upgraded accessories in order to commit. The truck bed will be shorter than standard truck beds including the F150, which will limit the hauling capacity. This limitation may keep Jeep trucks off of many work and construction sites, but not from the trails and back roads all across America.

We greatly anticipate the arrival of the Jeep trucks, which appear to be arriving sometime in mid-2019. As soon as you grab yours, share your pics with us on social media!


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