Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Caring for a Jeep Convertible in Winter

If you love your Jeep convertible, winter is the time to prove it. While your Jeep gives and gives all summer long, once the weather changes, it’s your job to return the favor. Jeeps are extremely durable, but just as susceptible to deterioration due to temperature changes, as well as snow and falling debris. With the proper care, preventing premature cracking and tears in your convertible top can keep your Jeep looking great and healthy for years to come. We suggest taking a few seasonal steps to ensure your Jeep convertible lasts well beyond the winter months.

Cover It Up

This may be a tip that we harp on from time to time, but it can be the most beneficial and is the one most people don’t bother doing. Direct sunlight, even in the winter months, can cause a drying out of your convertible top’s material and drain it of its color. Leaves and branches, snowfall, bird droppings, and other debris eat away at your Jeep’s convertible top compromising the fabric and stitching over time. A carport, garage or any covered area will provide the simple relief from the elements your Jeep needs to make it through hibernation and wake up ready for spring.

Keep It Clean

The other best way to keep your Jeep’s convertible top looking its best is to keep it clean. But, clean doesn’t just mean washed. Your convertible top’s material will have specially formulated conditioners to replenish the protective chemicals that prevent drying and cracking. Whether you’re working with vinyl or other fabrics, you’ll need to treat your Jeep’s convertible top regularly with the proper cleaners. Remember, regular carwash soap may have properties that are perfect for painted metal but not for vinyl and other fabrics. Only use an approved convertible top cleaner on your Jeep’s soft top.

Regular Check-Ups

Just like you, your Jeep needs regular checkups, too. If your Jeep convertible is properly stored and washed, you’re still going to need to stop by, crank it up, and take it for a drive. This will ensure that your battery doesn’t die, the fluids move around the engine and other systems, and gives you the chance to take inventory of how your Jeep is holding up. Listen closely to identify any unusual sounds including wind penetration and check the soft top with a flashlight to find any loose stitching, cracks or tears. Gently and slowly, go over the entire convertible top with a soft bristle brush while visually checking every inch. Make sure to address any issues immediately to prevent further damage to your Jeep’s convertible top.

Fix It Now

If there’s a problem, solve it! If you know your convertible top is torn, cracking or has been through too much over the years, replace it. Those tears and cracks will end up causing more trouble than they’re worth if they are not addressed immediately. Moisture is the enemy of your Jeep’s seats and electrical system, and will eventually cause mold and mildew to grow, destroying the interior. In this case, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. Replacing your convertible top is much more affordable when you don’t also have to replace the car seats and other parts of the interior.

Take these steps to keep your Jeep convertible protected during winter and ready for action when spring rolls around. What are your favorite tips and products for keeping your Jeep’s convertible top looking its best? Share your tips and stories in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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