Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tips for Preparing Your Convertible for Winter

Fall and winter are some of the best times of the year for driving. Being able to retract the roof on your car and feel the crisp cool breeze in your hair during the winter is probably one of the most enjoyable of life’s simple pleasures. However, with winter comes a few extra precautions you have to take to make sure that your retractable roof and vehicle as a whole stay in working order. Below are some general tips to help you better prepare for the winter months with your convertible.

Winterize Before Winter Arrives

While this may seem obvious, you will want to inspect your vehicle and its retractable roof before the temperatures start to drop to make sure they can take the cold in the first place. Some small things to look out for would be scratches or tears in your soft-top roof, as these could be made worse by the cold temperatures makes your soft top brittle. Additionally, as an overall safety precaution, you will want to make sure that you have the proper tires should you decide to drive through the snow.

Regular Maintenance during Winter

If you drive a convertible with a soft top, we highly recommend that you store it in the garage over the colder winter months. While your garage may not be toasty warm, it will be much warmer than it would be if your car was left outside, and could prevent a lot of the damage associated with the colder temperatures. However, if you are unable to store your vehicle in a garage, regular maintenance on the retractable roof will make sure that it stays in top shape throughout the winter. One of the best things you can do for your soft top is to clean off any snow or other debris from the roof before you start driving. This is both courteous to your fellow drivers, as large chunks of ice or debris won’t be falling off your vehicle, but also beneficial for your safety. Convertible soft-top roofs are only designed to support so much weight, and letting snow and ice accumulate on the top of your soft top could cause the seams to weaken or water to soak through once the snow thaws.

Window Care

If you have a soft top that features plastic windows, you will want to be sure that you are caring for these properly, as well. One of the biggest mistakes that soft-top users make during the winter is using an ice scraper on these plastic windows when it gets extra frigid outside. This could seriously damage your windows causing them to shatter like glass because of the extra cold temperatures. It’s best to keep the roof up until the ice on these windows has loosened or thawed before attempting any maintenance.

As you can see, it only takes a little extra maintenance in the winter to keep your soft-top convertible running wild and free as the seasons begin to change. By taking these simple steps to take care of your soft top now, you’ll be able to enjoy your convertible safely into the spring and summer. How do you keep your convertible tops looking like new during the harsh changing seasons? Share your tips in the comments below! 


  1. Soft covering and the convertibles are usually much weather prone in winter winds like you said. We must keep them away until the rainy season or snowy season.

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