Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tips for Making the Most of Your Convertible Car

Summer is officially here. The sun is out, and a well-deserved vacation is hopefully on the horizon for our readers! You’re probably yearning to pull your car top back and down already, and we’re right there with you. Summer time is officially the season of making the most of your convertible, since you’ll be riding around in it a lot more! Before you take your car out for a spin, however, we have a short to-do list of items you should check off before you officially unwind, roll down the windows, and enjoy the warm weather.

Keep it Clean
Since your top is down while driving, the interior of your convertible will be susceptible to outside elements that could bring debris and potential stains inside of your vehicle. It’s vital to inspect your car’s seats, carpet and soft-top for any rips, leaks or “weak spots” after driving.

Additionally, when you’re tucking your convertible in at night, be sure to carefully raise your soft top up a little bit to ensure the top deck and surrounding areas are clear of any small sticks, leaves or any outdoor “elements” that may have become stuck underneath. This type of debris or outdoor material can potentially cause damage to your convertible’s top, scratch its plastic window or cause splits in glass windows. 

While it may seem unreasonable or cumbersome, it’s important to remember that an easy fix, like a quick stain blot job, could very quickly turn into a larger and costly issue if you don’t remedy the situation at first sight!

Seat Covers
Whether you have a new convertible, one that is a few decades old or a vintage ride, protecting its interior is important, as we’ve discussed above. Since automobile upholstery can be quite expensive, or if you want to maintain the integrity of its original interior, we recommend you consider protective seat covers. Whether you opt for more affordable universal seat covers or custom-fit seat covers for your exact make, model and year, finding a seat cover in today’s online world is virtually painless and you don’t have to opt for uncomfortable plastic ones either. In today’s market, you’ll find easy-to-clean fabric, often a poly blend that is breathable and padded for optimum comfort.

Regularly vacuuming and spot cleaning will also increase the overall longevity of your seat covers while protecting the original upholstery underneath.

Wind Diffuser
Drop tops are notorious for wind noise. A wind deflector or wind diffuser will make your rides much more enjoyable! They are effective in diffusing loud wind noise and turbulence.

Essentially, a wind deflector attaches behind the driver’s seat and resembles a screen. Once attached, wind is actually diverted to the back of your convertible instead of travelling throughout and towards the front of your cabin. While there are many wind diffusers or deflectors for you to choose from, opting for a more durable material like acrylic can result in longer usage.

Sound System
While we’re on the subject of sound, installing a wind diffuser and a high-quality sound system work harmoniously so you can enjoy a more comfortable and much quieter cockpit. Depending on how musically inclined you are, you might want to invest in a top-notch audio system for your commute. The main components of a superior sound system can differ depending on the size of your vehicle and how high-tech you’re willing to go. If you’re thinking about overhauling your current system, you’ll want to replace:

- the receiver
- speakers
- add subwoofers
- an equalizer and amplifer

Because this does takes some rewiring, we recommend turning to a professional!

Drive it Everywhere

Lastly, remember to make the most out of your convertible by enjoying it and driving it just about anywhere! Too often, convertibles are deemed impractical by those who simply don’t understand the thrill of the drive. It’s up you, esteemed convertible driver, to get out there and drive to your heart’s content. A great quote that encompasses summer rides reads:

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

There’s a feeling of luxury and romanticism while driving a convertible. Couple that with the warm, bright sun on your shoulders and you have an indescribable experience! Where are you planning to take your convertible this summer? Let us know what you do to prep for the hot months ahead in the comments below!

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