Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Best Drives in the Southwest United States

Driving through the Southwest United States provides some of the most enjoyable and diverse scenery this country has to offer. With enough gas money, you can go from desert plains to lush forests and even visit snow-capped mountains. We love this area and have put together some of the can’t-miss spots for avid convertible drivers. Of course, we recommend taking your convertible to ensure you enjoy these trips to the fullest. Here are some of our favorite scenic drives through the Southwest United States.

Grand Canyon Loop

The Grand Canyon Loop is a 201-mile loop through sections of the Grand Canyon National Park and Kaibab National Forest in Arizona. This loop borders southeast sections of the Grand Canyon and circles back near Humphrey’s Peak. You’ll also visit the Wupatki and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monuments along the way. While this route boasts plenty of breathtaking scenery, you’re never too far away from great restaurants and hotels.

Scenic Byway 12

Utah’s Scenic Byway 12 is a beautifully maintained driving treasure that is home to Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Park. Scenic Byway 12 is 124 miles in length with plenty of twists and turns. This drive shows off the diverse scenery of this area with access to everything from desert plains to mountainous roads. Make sure to watch out for the drop offs!

Palomar Mountain Loop

Palomar Mountain Loop is a 35-mile loop around parts of the Palomar Mountain State Park in Southern California. Palomar Mountain State Park has plenty of hiking trails if you need to stretch your legs, as well as a century-old apple orchard and wildlife unique to the area. While the beautiful scenery can be distracting, it’s important to keep your eyes on the road on this one.

Lake Tahoe’s East Shore Drive

East Shore Drive is a beautiful 28-mile drive along Lake Tahoe’s eastern shore. Lake Tahoe is known for being one of the most beautiful areas in America and East Shore Drive shows off the best Lake Tahoe has to offer. From summer to winter, the drive never looks the same and Lake Tahoe has plenty of activities for all seasons. While this drive traverses some of the more rustic Nevada scenery, the highway is well maintained and has access to several resorts, campgrounds, casinos and restaurants.

These drives are perfect for letting the top down and soaking up the fresh air and beautiful scenery. There are hundreds of scenic drives in the southwest United States that offer something new around each corner. We suggest making the most of your convertible by driving as many of these scenic highways as you can. Tell us your favorite scenic highways and what makes them special for you. We’d love to hear your stories! 

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