Friday, July 22, 2016

How to Buy the Perfect Convertible

Inspiration in life comes when we least expect it and that’s what makes inspiration such a beautiful thing. You might be lounging back right now, reading this, and thinking, “What am I inspired to do with my life that I haven’t wrapped my arms around yet?”  Some people take trips, some people start a business, and some people—they buy a convertible. This can be a tricky decision, so let’s take a look at a few points to keep in mind if you are, in fact, ready to purchase an envy-inducing convertible.

Is a convertible a good idea where I live?

We think a convertible is perfect no matter where you are. Palm Springs, Siberia, Mars, honestly makes no difference as long as long as you get the opportunity to feel the breeze across your cheeks. However, this is a legitimate question and concern for those in the market. We’d never steer anyone away from purchasing the vehicle of their dreams, but you might want to consider the climate and terrain of where you call home. If hail or high winds are an issue, consider purchasing a convertible equipped with a top made from t

Should I buy a new or used convertible?

This question may transcend convertibles, but we’ll take a swing at it in order to help you make the best decision. Without delving too deep into the numbers, a new convertible vs. a used convertible might simply be a matter of expenses including maintenance, plus depreciation over time. If you’re only looking to drive your convertible while on vacation or during select months of the year, maybe a used car is for you. If you’re at a stage in life where a shiny, new Chevy Camaro or Jeep Wrangler is calling your name, then by all means, aim high, aim new. Makes and models and years will always factor into the decision, too, so conduct your research and make the most educated decision you possibly can.he most durable materials available, and those worries will be a thing of the past.

What are the optional features to consider?

These seem to mostly be a matter of personal taste. Obviously, the luxury convertibles offer way more options. Navigation systems and heated seats are nice touches if you’re leaning in that direction. Otherwise, you can save your cash and opt for a more economic option. Something to consider is whether you prefer a four, six, or 8-cylinder engine, which depends on your concerns for gas mileage vs. power and speed. If you’re taking your vehicle for a spin around windy mountaintop roads or cruising downtown on a balmy Friday night, the right convertible for you may want to have 4-wheel drive, advanced stabilization technology or other features specific to your needs.

How much should I pay for a convertible?

This varies greatly depending on make and model. In addition, where you live will impact pricing. On the lower end, some convertibles go for $20K, while a little further up the hill you’ll find sportier luxury models for much more. If you’re new to the game, research the models that are affordable for the performance you know they can deliver and don’t overdo it. It’s one thing to daydream of being Don Draper riding along the coast of California, but it’s another to be able to foot the bill for it. 

What is my gut instinct?

Seriously. Some of you may smirk at this notion, but everything in life comes down to timing. If you’re ready for a convertible, go for it. Any hesitation, then maybe hold on and purchase a retro Miami Vice poster instead. You won’t get the same satisfaction, but you’ll allow yourself some time to plan the perfect convertible for your budget, environment and style. If you do decide to take the leap, congrats! You’ll quickly realize that the euphoric drive that a convertible provides is like no other!

These are just a few of the many questions you should ask yourself before you buy a convertible. Even after you have found what you think is the perfect choice, feel free to step back, and ask yourself these questions before you make a decision. You’ll leave with a feeling devoid of regret and full of excitement and confidence in your purchase. So, what are the best tips and questions you’ve found help make an informed decision when buying a convertible? Share your stories with us! 

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