Friday, July 17, 2015

The Resurgence of the Convertible

Throughout modern car history, men and women have dreamed about throwing caution to the wind and taking to the open road in a convertible. Convertible cars have been a symbol of American freedom dating back to the very first automobiles ever made. They have seen major improvements over the years, making them smarter and safer with each new design. With today’s convertible car technology, you could be riding in one and never even know it. So how have things changed over the history of convertibles, and why are we seeing a resurgence of interest in convertible cars?

Many factors have contributed to the renewed interest in convertible cars, and technology has provided some of the most impressive advancements. The advent of the retractable hardtop convertible has made it a more reasonable purchase for anyone concerned about theft or damage, automakers are designing safer, more lightweight hard and soft convertible car tops that take up less trunk space than previous designs, convertibles are more affordable than ever before and consumer confidence has been on the rise as more Americans begin to feel comfortable making these types of large purchases. All of these factors have contributed to the resurgence of the convertible; however, the advancements in technology have been the driving force behind the increased consumer interest and decreased manufacturing costs that have given car manufacturers new incentives to rethink their convertible offerings.

In the past, convertible cars were reserved for the wealthy, which was reflected in their design and pricing. Many older models were oversized and only made by luxury car companies. However, their image as a symbol of wealth has been evolving right along with the technology used to make them. Convertible sedans are becoming more popular as well as affordable, and car companies have taken notice. Today’s convertibles are sleek yet spacious, exciting yet practical and luxurious yet made with middle-class families in mind.

Today’s convertibles are just as good for grocery store trips and school pickups as they are for long drives on scenic American highways. Convertible cars are smarter, lighter and more affordable, and they provide added safety features including hardtops and roll bars. All of these advancements have contributed to the modern resurgence of this proud American tradition, and convertibles are beginning to fly off the shelves of dealerships across the country. With reasonable pricing on so many makes and models, there’s no reason you shouldn’t test drive one today!

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