Monday, June 1, 2015

Product Spotlight: 2004-2009 Nissan 350Z Convertible Top

With its muscular engine, sharp handling capabilities, rear-wheel drive and sleek coupe design, the Nissan 350Z is just another unobtainable sports car that the normal consumer is left to drool at in envy, right? Wrong. The 350Z is famous for being a sports car that comes at a price that real people could actually afford, and it has been that way since its debut in 2003 as the 5th generation of “Z” sports cars made by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan. Being a sports car, drivers are tempted—if not encouraged—to take advantage of its powerful engine by speeding down the highway or zipping through the city to show off its superior performance and handling capabilities. In order to fully enjoy all the benefits the 350Z has to offer, effectively and safely, it’s imperative your convertible top is able to keep up with you.

Luckily for you, our Black Twill Grain Vinyl with Heated Glass Window convertible top for the Nissan 350Z fits model years 2004-2009, and will keep your Nissan ready and willing to fire on all cylinders. The top is manufactured right here in the USA and uses original patterns, specifications, materials and designs. It includes a DOT-certified heated glass window that has a lifetime guarantee, and is securely bonded into the top with no unattractive piping or stitching. Embedded with defroster wire, the window is also able to get rid of fog and snow on the rear window, so you’ll always be able to see anything coming your way. The Twill Grain Vinyl is the same weight and grain found on the original 350Z convertible tops and is made by Haartz, which allows the top to maintain its original look and feel.  

We take pride in our factory-original-styling including a rain guard that is sewn into this particular top, along the length of the top, to direct water flow, and our factory-style sewn-in attachment retainers are pre-drilled for easy, accurate mounting, which makes overall installation a walk in the park.

With a 5/5 star rating and our 100% guarantee, we are confident that our Black Twill Grain Vinyl with Heated Glass Window convertible top will look great and fit without issue—ready to perform at a high level! Contact our support team at 888-254-7679 for additional assistance.

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