Thursday, December 11, 2014

Product Review: BMW Z3 Convertible Top 1996-2002

The BMW Z3 is one of the most widely lusted-after convertibles. Its owners are proud to parade it down the street at every opportunity, combining the luxury of stylish driving and the thrill of speed. However, as with any car, upkeep is required to keep it looking as pristine as the day you drove it off the lot. And after years of wear and tear from exhilarating drives, the top may begin to show its age. Fortunately, we have your replacement top solution. We guarantee that this soft top will be a great fit for any BMW Z3 or M Roadster from 1996 to 2002.

Our BMW Z3 replacement soft tops are constructed from durable, American Twillfast II canvas with a protective inner lining. The seams are double stitched and sealed with heat to make sure it does not wear out and the front corners are reinforced with moisture resistance PVC for added durability. Also, the entire top is cut from the same cloth to maintain consistent color and patterns. With a factory original template and fabric from trusted BMW supplier Haartz, we promise that your new top will fit perfectly or we will offer a full refund.

The sewn-in plastic window 0ffers great visibility while driving, and promises strength and durability from quality construction. The replacement top is also equipped with a factory style rain guard above the window to allow water to flow toward the rear of the vehicle, preventing any leakage from entering the interior of the vehicle.

The Z3 convertible tops are manufactured in the USA using the original patterns and specifications of the manufacturer. The tops include the factory style die-cut plastic retainers with pre-drilled holes to make sure your top will fit securely and boast a perfect fit.

We know that although you may no longer be giving your Z3 or M Roadster daily washes and polishes, you still love your BMW convertible. Show it a little love by restoring it to its intended state with a high quality replacement soft top!


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