Thursday, August 21, 2014

Product Spotlight: Mazda Miata Seat Kits

The Mazda Miata has always had a classic, sporty design with its two-seat interior space and convertible top. However, driving with the top down introduces sun damage to the interior, such as fading and flaking, and getting in and out over time makes the seats look worn and dated. With a Mazda Miata seat kit from Auto Tops Direct, you can transform that old interior and update its appearance to mint condition.
Mazda Miata Seat Kit 1990-1996

Not Your Average Slip Cover 

Most Mazda Miata seat slip covers look inexpensive and don't really add to the car's aesthetic or design. However, these Mazda Miata seat covers feature real vinyl upholstery and mimic the look of leather. In addition, they're not made as a secondary afterthought to interior customization; they are custom-tailored for 1990-1996 Miatas and act as a true replacement for OEM vinyl and cloth seats.

Because these seat covers come in black and tan varieties, they complement the design scheme of specific Miata models. They have matching stitching and pleats for a tight, secure fit and come with both driver and passenger seat cushions and backrests. In fact, they also have perforated headrests, which provide a great listening experience if you have built-in speakers.

Easy Installation and Durable Quality 

These seat covers for Mazda Miatas come with a do-it-yourself guide and step-by-step instructions for easy installation. Because of the seat covers' vinyl material, they resist spills and stains and provide years of durable service. Before you consider the average pull-over seat cover for your Mazda Miata, take a look at this Mazda-specific seat cover kit today. It acts a real replacement for worn seats and upgrades your vehicle for nearly the same price.

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