Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quality Tops - Don't Settle For Less

If you are an owner of a soft-top convertible car or are thinking about buying one, you probably know how important detailing is when it comes to the overall look of the car.

Unlike hard-top convertibles or standard cars, which have a hard shell top that matches the rest of the body, soft-tops are made out of a material, usually canvas or vinyl, that is stitched to fit over a retractable frame.

When purchasing a new convertible there's not much to worry about, as manufacturers have perfected their craft over many years. However, the issue you'd have to worry about is when you inevitably have to replace the top, and might end up settling for a replacement that doesn't compare to the one from the manufacturer.

In general, when choosing a replacement top, an issue for the soft top convertible is the rear window. The plastic window has it's benefits, but needs replacement over the lifetime of the top because it isn't very durable and gets discolored pretty fast. The glass windows, although not used in classic convertibles, have become the fan-favorite lately due to their durability and long lasting clarity.

Really the only issue is that with some cars the glass window, which isn't flexible, has to be slightly smaller in order to fit in the car's trunk. If you do choose to replace your top with a glass window make sure you choose a replacement top company that uses an advanced window bonding system that compares to the manufacturer. This bonding system has a clean, finished look and doesn't require any piping, which would rim the outside of the window, ruing the look.

Ideally, you would also want to find an aftermarket convertible top company that offers what the car company original does, and more. This means that they only use the highest quality fabrics, or those that are used by the car company itself, but can offer a wide variety of styles for the make and model that you own.

This way you will be able to have an edge on the person who is buying from the dealer, because you will have more color and texture options with the same quality construction as the original manufacturer. When you have the confidence and peace of mind that your convertible top can look like it's just of the lot, or even better, then you know you found the right aftermarket convertible top manufacturer.

Whether you choose a local shop, or internet based replacement convertible tops company, you should make sure that they can offer you the quality top you deserve.

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