Friday, October 22, 2010

Professional vs. Self Installation

If you recently purchased a new convertible top for your car, you may be wondering whether you should just install it yourself or take it to a professional instead. Regardless of whether or not you were upgrading your standard top or replacing a worn out one, the end result of the installation will probably matter to you. That being said, you should recognize that there will be manual labor required, and if one step is overlooked, the entire job can be botched.

However, there are also detailed instructions on convertible top installation that may give you the confidence do to it yourself. If you still can't make up your mind, these factors will help you determine whether or not you should leave the installation to a professional:

Removing the Top is Half the Battle
While you may think installing a convertible top will be a piece of cake, you may be forgetting the first step: removing the old convertible top. This will require complete knowledge of the installation process, because if a mistake is made, the car may be damaged in the process. Chances are a professional, in the event of such an accident, would reimburse you or repair the damage caused by a botched removal; however, when on your own, there will be no one responsible but yourself.

Convertible Cars Are Not Alike
Lets start out in a best case scenario: You used to own a convertible car, and managed to replace the top by yourself, giving you the confidence to do the same for your new car. But the truth is that different cars will require a different installation process, so an experience with one car may not actually be of much help. Needless to say, a professional convertible top installer will have experience with all installation methods, and will be able to easily install a new top on any make or model.

Looks Do Matter With Cars
Just like you wouldn't give your ride a new paint job by yourself, you may not want to install your own convertible top. These are both aspects of your car that can remarkably affect their overall appearance. It may not be worth taking the chance that you won't be able to flawlessly install the replacement convertible top. Additionally, you may make a mistake that cannot be corrected if you eventually opt for a professional to finish the job.

It seems that it is fairly simple when it comes to deciding whether or not to install a new convertible top yourself: If you have the experience and confidence that you can install the top just as well as a professional, then it will be worth saving a buck or two. Likewise, if you now feel that installing the top yourself is a risk you may not be willing to take, you can now feel confident that your money will be well spent. Regardless of what choice you make, if correctly installed, a convertible top will add to the visual appeal of your car and increase your overall driving experience.

After purchasing a convertible top, make sure you hire a professional installer if you are not right for the job.


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