Friday, December 21, 2018

Winter is Here – Time to Invest in Your Convertible

It’s that time of year again when convertible tops need a little extra TLC. We all know that winter can wreak havoc on a convertible car’s top and interior. The cold temperatures will slightly contract fabrics making them more susceptible to cracks and tears. Allowing any amount of snow or fallen debris to settle on your convertible will slowly begin to compromise the fabric and leave you with stains or worse. So, we’ve put together some tips for keeping your convertible in top shape and ready for action even in the winter months.

Clean It

It may sound simple, but keeping your convertible top clean is one of the best ways to prevent premature cracks and tearing. You’ll need to use a compatible soft top cleaner to shampoo the top and a soft bristle brush to keep from scratching the top when removing debris. Once your convertible top is clean, you’ll want to apply a conditioner designed prevent water and stains from settling into the fabric.

Cover It

Covering your convertible will prevent any and all debris from settling on your car any time of year. However, it will only slightly protect your vehicle from harsh temperatures in winter. Car covers are now made with durable materials designed for inclement weather and they will prevent windshields from fogging and freezing over. Make sure you buy a fitted car cover to ensure it doesn’t blow away in harsh wind. Keeping your convertible covered in a closed garage is still the safest way to store your car especially for extended periods of time.

Repair It

If you find any tears, no matter how small, repair them before winter gets too out of control. Any tears in the seams or anywhere on the fabric will begin the slow destruction of the convertible’s interior. Cold air and moisture are a car interior’s worst enemy and will warp and discolor everything from the car seats to the dashboard. Repairing or replacing your convertible top will help maintain the car’s value and ensure you aren’t disappointed once the weather warms back up!

Drive It

You’ll want to drive your convertible regularly even when it’s cold outside. It’s important to keep the fluids in the car moving around and the electrical system charged. Even if you have to keep the top up at all times, you’ll be helping your car stay ready for when those sunny days return!

It’s important to show your convertible plenty of love during the harsh winter months. Investing in your convertible during the winter will ensure it’s in peak condition when it’s time to drop the top again! What are your favorite tips for keeping your convertible in tip top shape during winter? Share your stories in the comments below!

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