Thursday, April 12, 2018

Your First Convertible: What to Know

So, you just bought your first convertible. Congratulations are in order! You’re now a part of an elite club of happy car enthusiasts who truly understand how to enjoy the driving experience. Every trip now becomes a celebration and an opportunity to relax and have fun while performing everyday tasks. However, owning your first convertible comes with a bit of a learning curve, so we’ve put together a few tips to help make the most of your new dream car.   

Protect Your Skin

Driving a convertible is a completely different experience from driving a conventional car, truck or SUV. Exposure to sunlight for extended periods of time can cause sunburns and other skin problems. If you’re planning on driving on a sunny day, and we hope that you do, make sure to use sunscreen on your face, ears, neck, hands, and arms. Wearing long-sleeve shirts, gloves, and a hat will further protect from sunlight and exposure to wind, as well.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Now that you’re officially driving your new convertible, you’ll need to keep a sharp lookout when driving with the top down. Splashing puddles and dusty roads can damage the interior of your car and large trucks can startle you if you’re not prepared. Wind noise will decrease your ability to hear properly, which makes visual acuity especially important. Securing any loose papers or objects will ensure they do not distract you or obstruct your view when driving. Parking is critically important for convertible owners. Parking under trees, especially with the top down, is strictly forbidden.   

Lock it Up

If you’re not in the habit of locking your car, get used to doing it! When you aren’t driving your convertible, it’s a good idea to put the top up, roll up the windows, and lock the doors. You should also make sure valuables are not visible from outside the car. Some convertible soft tops can be somewhat easy to cut through and you don’t want to give anyone an incentive to break in. However, locking your convertible is also about preventing wild animals from climbing into your car for warmth and birds from ruining your interior from above.  

Take the Scenic Route

With your new convertible, life just got a lot better. Take the time to soak up that fact by learning the scenic routes for your daily drives. Convertibles want to be driven on the open road and there’s always time to find a new way home. Designated scenic routes provide the most breathtaking views of your area and the roads are usually well maintained.

You’re Now Everyone’s Chauffeur

Now that you have a fun new convertible, be prepared for everyone to want you to drive and for them to fight for “shotgun.” Riding in a convertible is the next best thing to driving one and your friends will all want to partake. This may cause you to have to forcibly choose the friends you’re willing to escort around, but you’ll surely get to pick your favorites.  

These are just a few tips we feel will help anyone make the most of the convertible lifestyle. What are your most helpful tips for new convertible owners to enjoy their convertibles? Share your thoughts in the comments below!  

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