Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why Now Is the Best Time to Buy a Convertible

If you plan to buy a used convertible, effective bartering and negotiation tactics can often save you a sizeable chunk of cash. Making friends with your salesperson is important, but by strategically leveraging seasonality and consumer trends, bargain hunters can get an even bigger discount on their dream roadster.

With the help of this blog post, persistent penny-pinchers can hold shrewd salesmen over a barrel, slash prices and rule the used car lot. Read on to discover why right now is the best time to buy a convertible.

The Cold Weather Convertible Buying Correlation

The used convertible market is highly volatile—demand fluctuates wildly with the whims of the weather. History would suggest that there’s a positive correlation between temperature and convertible demand. When the temperature inevitably increases in the spring and summer, demand for open-air cars hits a frenzied peak.

Demand for convertibles typically reaches rock bottom when drivers are deterred by the low, frigid temperatures of winter. Understandably, convertible drivers are less likely to brave the unpleasant elements (rain, sleet & snow) that accompany the winter months. In addition, the hassle of maintaining a convertible’s condition during the winter can scare off frustrated, fickle owners.

Dealerships are well aware of this predicament as many of their convertibles sit untouched and idle from December to March. Instead of filling their lot with high-demand inventory, precious space is wasted on undesirable, unsold convertibles. In order to flip these vehicles and make room for SUVs with popular wintertime features (four-wheel drive, heated seats, etc.), dealers will often offer steep discounts to opportunistic buyers.

Fuel Prices and Car Buying Trends

In 2013, gas prices were markedly higher and small, fuel-efficient cars were selling at increased rates. Over the past several years, fuel prices have dropped to a much more reasonable level, and families have placed a higher importance on storage space. As a result, consumers have been purchasing more large vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks than they have in the past.

Many of the small, fuel-efficient vehicles (like convertibles) purchased during the oil price surge in 2013 are being swapped out as lease agreements expire and larger replacement vehicles are purchased. Consumers’ propensity to purchase SUVs combined with increased compact car supply has led to an oversaturated secondary market for vehicles like convertibles. The current imbalance in the market makes finding a luxury convertible like a Mercedes roadster more reasonable than ever before.

By being cognizant of market trends, fuel prices and time of year, you can take a big step towards buying an affordable convertible car. Take advantage of these favorable factors and purchase the car of your dreams today! If your newly purchased vehicle needs an overhaul, make sure to visit AutoTopsDirect to find replacement convertible tops and seat cover kits!

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