Friday, March 18, 2016

When Should I Replace My Convertible Top?

While convertible cars today are built to be safer and more practical than ever before, their primary emotional and visual appeal comes from the convertible top itself. Despite this, many owners hesitate to replace their convertible tops until they absolutely have to. There are many reasons why this is not a good idea, and we’ve put together a list to help you understand when and why a convertible top replacement is necessary.
  •  It’s important to make sure the top is properly working in order to preserve not just the convertible top, but the interior of the car as well. If any seals become compromised, moisture can seep in, causing damage to the entire car’s interior. This can sometimes be a slow process that may not be noticeable until the problem has infected the cushions, carpet and anything that can hold moisture (meaning mildew & mold).
  • As vinyl and other materials used to make convertible tops age, they can deteriorate and lose their color as well as their elasticity. Raising and lowering the convertible top can cause the cracks to become holes, which – you guessed it – will cause water & moisture to damage the interior.
  • The convertible straps and ties may become compromised due to cracking, binding or aging, which can cause issues when raising or lowering the convertible top. This can eventually put strain on the motor system that operates the convertible top, causing it to prematurely wear out. If you are noticing tension on the motor when in operation, your convertible top raises or lowers unevenly, or you notice any other problems operating the convertible top, it may be best to replace the top to avoid damaging the motor or the car’s interior.
  • If your convertible roof is unsightly, it can drag down the value of the car. Anyone buying a convertible will likely factor in the price of replacing the top when negotiating a sale price. Your convertible may sell much faster with a new convertible top, due to the monetary and perceived psychological value of seeing a new, clean top.

A new convertible top installation can provide added safety, protection and increased value for a vehicle. The convertible top is not just a fun feature that provides freedom on the open road; it protects the car from the elements. So if you are hesitant to replace or upgrade your convertible top, consider the possible damage you could be doing to your convertible by neglecting wear and tear and everyday use. The benefits of convertible top replacement should provide all the incentive you need to make the right decision. When you’re ready, check out our online store to enjoy our everyday low prices and fast shipping on all orders.

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